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Virtual Assistants and outsourcing office management is on the rise.  More and more business owners are ready to drop the mundane time consuming tasks in favour of outsourcing.  The key to doing it right is to find someone who is able to do all the tasks, not just one or two. Make the most by hiring someone to give you comprehensive service. 

A business consultant that delivers 

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Marketing Campaigns


You work hard to ensure that your products and services are the best. 

Increase your brand awareness through social media platforms, e-mail & SMS creation and branded visual content. 


My clients are no longer spending their weekends and holiday time working on their business marketing. 

Trust your digital media to a professional who knows how to listen, keep your messages clear and compelling, and works to establish you as the "go-to" expert in your industry.


Your messages in and on your terms.



Have you had enough of writing training manuals?  Do you feel like editing your work is not nearly as fun as being creative or teaching what you know? 


The requirement to have supplemental training materials is on the rise.  Many business owners find that having an external person to review and revise documentation helps to ensure training material is effective and understood.   


Whether you are looking for assistance in business requirements, product reviews, buying guides, product descriptions, or employee manuals I will provide the service excellence you need. 

Social Media


Paying attention to replies, reaching out to people, posting content, sharing content, scheduling content—it all falls under the auspices of managing multiple social media accounts.


An experienced social media virtual assistant won’t only know how to do this, but how to do it so effectively that you never have to worry about handling it all yourself.


Did you know you can schedule posts on LinkedIN? I do.​

Scheduling posts for maximum impact is also a skill that someone who works with your social media channels should have intuitively.

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