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Proactive Administration has been proudly providing high quality business services to the Perth and Southern suburb areas since 1990. What differentiates us from other businesses is our ability to truly connect with our clients, and provide the exceptional, professional service they deserve. 

This business was created to enable you to get your time back.  Business entities of all sizes need to meet market demands, but have huge staffing overheads.  Proactive Administration has been created to enable businesses of all sizes to make use of mobile technology.  By employing a Virtual Assistant to take care of business needs, your money is in your hands, and the work is in ours when you need it.  We provide service and leadership to assist you engaging your business strategy.


From social media marketing, event planning, project management and content management, we can assist you by engaging a professional service on a contractual basis.  This means, no overheads, no office space; AND professionally engaged staff to take care of the tasks most business owners do grudgingly on a weekend. 

Are you planning events but missing time with your family?  We can arrange the event for you, all the functional specifications will be catered to your requirements.  In fact, if you really want, we can act as your representative on the night.  This means you have a function coordinator on site as part of your staff.  


Interactive Administration at its' best!



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